About Us

Clean, Customized Comedy

The CCC Family

Chicago Comedy Company's mission is to entertain and engage audiences by developing clean, customized, comedic performances and educational programs of the highest quality. Our first priority is you, our client. Each event is designed to be entertaining, appropriate, and intelligent, and you will feel well-informed and comfortable at every step. We will ensure that you have a great experience working with CCC, from the first time we talk on the phone through the final product.


We believe in keeping our overhead minimal and providing the best entertainment for the most reasonable cost. We are both agile and versatile, which allows us to offer innovative products at the most affordable price in the business.

Recognized Leaders in the Improv Community

Our seasoned staff is comprised of recognized leaders in the improv community with an extensive history of working, writing, and performing together. We attract and recruit the most talented and professional improvisers, writers, actors and instructors who understand and have experience in the corporate world.

A partial list of our training:

  • The Second City
  • iO (formerly ImprovOlympic)
  • The Annoyance Theatre
  • Hungarian Academy of Film/TV
  • The Players Workshop
  • The Audition Center
  • ActOne Studios
  • Moscow Art Theatre
  • The Acting Company

Our skills include:

  • Playwriting/Screenwriting/Sketchwriting
  • Musical Improvisation & Performance
  • Commercial Voiceover
  • Piano & Guitar Performance
  • Performance for Film & Television
  • Film & Television Production
  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • Meisner Technique
  • Linklater Voice
  • Commedia del Arte


Chicago Comedy Company was founded in 1997 by Steve Matuszak, Andy Eninger and Matt Lenhart. The three first met and improvised together in college, and afterwards moved to Chicago and started CCC. The company's focus on clean, customized comedy quickly found success in the corporate market performing nationally and teaching workshops for corporations and colleges. As CCC grew, they assembled an ensemble of premier talent and trainers who are seasoned artists with experience in corporate culture.

Lillian Frances graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Theater, and began performing, teaching, and directing throughout Chicago and around the country. She worked for eight years at Second City in theatricals, the training center, and their corporate division. During that time she also joined the team at CCC, and her extensive experience in corporate training and entertainment provided her the perfect background when she recently became Chicago Comedy Company's owner.