College Entertainment & Workshops

You're finally out of your parents' house and steps away from life in the real world. Turn around now. Take it from us, it's much easier to live in your folks' basement the rest of your life. Go back now before it's too late.

Seeing how that's not really an option, you might as well get the most out of college. Why not organize a unique, comedic event from people who have been there?

Through hilarious improv, custom sketches, or a blend of both we deliver memorable events that have schools asking us back to repeat success.

  • Welcome Week
  • Family Weekend
  • Alumni Events
  • Sports Banquets
  • Special Dinners
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Staff/Organizational Meetings
  • Kickoff Events
  • That one weekend where nothing else is going on

Look Like a Genius


We understand all colleges and universities have a variety of events throughout the year. From New Student Orientation to Activities Board Events to that day Dave showed you how to "wash" your clothes with club soda and aerosol deodorant. Chicago Comedy Company can facilitate these events and deliver sharp, clean comedy that will exceed your expectations and leave you looking like a program planning genius who NEVER lived in his/her parents basement, not even for a day.

Improv Shows: Funny

Our professional improvisers can tailor the show to hit home with your crowd. We focus on campus life by dropping in bits of information you provide us in advance, getting the crowd to shout out suggestions or even calling audience members up on stage to play with us.

Custom Sketch Shows: Funnier

We can further customize our entertainment by adding in pre-written sketches based on your school. Comedic scenes about college life and anxieties, or important issues and policies can be mixed in to provide unforgettable entertainment that is also informative. If you're not careful you might learn something while having a good time.

RA & Student Workshops

Individually we are teachers, commercial actors, stand-up comedians, writers, directors and respected improv instructors. Together we are Chicago Comedy Company. At one point we all tried to turn around and not face the real world. Actually, Dave tried to convince us, but it turns out his folks place wasn't nearly big enough to accommodate us all. Instead, we put our talents together to develop workshops for groups of RA's and students to use improv comedy and the rules inherent within the creative arts.

  • Get students on their feet
  • Help students relate and network
  • Ruin any chance they have of getting a date
  • Inspire creativity
  • Assure fast & efficient communication
  • Give 'em a good laugh
  • Provide a fun, honest and meaningful ways to break the ice
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