Event Support

We know how vital a "comedy break" can be to enliven and energize your event. We can incorporate your message into any type of presentation - from video to trade shows to a promotional push. Give us a call and we'll bring the laughs to make your event truly memorable.

Interactive Keynotes


Re-vitalize your next corporate messaging with a keynote speaker from Chicago Comedy Company. Using a mixture of custom scenes or improvisation, interactive exercises, and an engaging lecture, our keynote speaker and actors will connect improvisational philosophies with your company's issues or goals. We'll weave your information into a presentation that your audience will not forget.

Trade Show

Bring the crowds in and keep them there with a customized performance at your trade-show booth. Enlist our creative team to help you design the entertainment that will have your product or service stand out above the rest. From scripted scenarios to multimedia presentations to a full-blown sketch and improv show, we can help you create an extraordinary environment for potential customers to learn about you and get them buzzing about your business. Our brand of on-strategy entertainment ensures that they'll remember your message every time they look at that logo-pen or mousepad you gave them.

Marketing and Promotions

Are you looking to enhance your marketing with something really creative? Wow them with a live event using Chicago Comedy Company actors. We will start with your strategy, and then write and recommend various scenarios to extend your marketing message in unexpected ways to either quietly build a reputation for your product or to make a huge media splash. Product introductions, new Web sites, and occasions to re-brand or break from tradition are all perfect opportunities to partner with Chicago Comedy to create something completely different.

Meeting Facilitation

Imagine your meeting or brainstorming session being twice as effective—and actually fun. Bring in Chicago Comedy Company to facilitate your meeting when you have limited time to accomplish big goals. We will apply the same practices improvisers use to keep the process moving forward with ease and playfulness. We'll help you get to the "good stuff" faster - creative ideas from your team that you can begin to apply immediately.

Character Talent and Roleplaying

Chicago Comedy Company is an ensemble of experienced actors and comedians, each shine as individuals and also work seamlessly as an ensemble. If your event calls for impersonations, customized stand-up routines, or crazy characters, we can supply the perfect performer to meet your needs.

Video Production

Bring in our comedy experts to give your online content, industrial video, or presentation a fresh spin. Shoot with a script. Shoot without a script! Our actors are gifted improvisers who will deliver a spontaneous and hilarious performance for any project. With experience in video production, Web and graphic design, and multimedia, our comic touch will help you create an unforgettable experience for your audience—virtual or otherwise.

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